Tracing the origins of the word God through the shadows of the past

This being my first post on Medium, I thought I’d open modestly: with God.

To give you the backstory, I am currently looking into the origins of Western civilization’s complicated relationship with the biosphere. Both the old gods and the New play an important role in this due to…

In part two of my analysis of monocultural food production patterns, I examine the intriguing new science of trophic design and the impact it will have on agriculture in the years to come. I also examine a few associated social phenomena to look out for.

Covid is forcing government’s to toughen their stance on climate change. And the West’s monocultural agricultural practice could be next in line for a major shakeup. This article outlines why.

By closely examining the deja vu phenomenon, I formed the idea that Time may be a tool humans use to connect Thought. If true, then deja vu may be serving an extraordinary evolutionary purpose, in that it could be providing us with an early hint of how we will understand and even perceive Time in the future.

After spending some time following the shifting undercurrents of the wokist movement, I have come to the conclusion that despite its seemingly ‘destroy everything’ current form, it is still fundamentally a driving force for good. But structural changes are required to save it from itself.

When I was young, I remember my father telling me how wonderful it would be if we could return to a matriarchal society.

Fluid Heart Mechanics

Providing insight into the human species as a macrocosm. Blogging at

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